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Our Members

Here are profiles of some of our members. More profiles will be added in the future.

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Helen Jepson

My name is Helen Jepson. I live in Ibstock. I'm married and I've been a full-time dental nurse for 38 years.I first heard about Rotary from my father, who was a member in Sheffield for several years. He was very involved, so I heard a lot about what they did.  Dad invited me along to some of his clubs’ events; meals and presentations by charities they supported, car treasure hunts, music events and carol singing. Dad's passion for Rotary rubbed off on me and I would have joined his club, but I met my husband and moved from Sheffield to Coalville. I wondered if Coalville had a Rotary club; then one day I noticed the Rotary clock outside the council offices and my question was answered.In Decmber 2019, I was doing my shopping when I heard Christmas music floating across Morrison’s carpark and saw Santa’s sleigh. I realised it was Rotary and had a chat with Santa and asked him where and when they met and how I could join. At the beginning of 2020, I was invited along to a meeting and had a very warm welcome. Everyone was really friendly and I felt like I belonged. I was just about to become a full member when Covid hit. Lockdown followed, so my joining night was cancelled and all meetings went to Zoom.Unfortunately, the club folded during Covid, but two of us decided that we weren’t finished with Rotary and in 2021, we relaunched the club with a new name and became known as Coalville Belvoir Rotary. I was secretary of the club for our first 2 years which improved my communication skills and put me in touch with many members in different clubs. At the start we had only 3 members, but our club flourished and we now have 8 active members. I am now also a member of the District Membership Team.The last three years have been an amazing journey!  I’ve done so much and made many good friends. I’ve been involved in Ibstock Horticultural Show,  Ibstock Country Fair, Picnics in the Park in Coalville and Bradgate Park, race nights, gardening, painted benches at a local school, organised tombolas,  helped lay a path, donated books to local schools, helped with our Santa collections, been to lots of social evenings and attended conferences, black tie dinners, and so much more!  I’ve also volunteered at Ashby Steam and Conkers fireworks display. Along with other Rotary Clubs, we have helped provide funds to build a science laboratory at a school in Ghana, and provided underwear for children in Kenya.  Variety really is the spice of life!March 2024


Jackie White

My name is Jackie White and I have lived in Whitwick since 1975 with my family. My working life has been clerical based and dealing with the public. Since I retired, I have worked various part time jobs which have included: night parcel sorter, canteen assistant, home visits to complete benefit forms, home help/respite worker and a cleaner and litter picker. During the pandemic I became a “couch potato” with the tv remote glued to my hand. When the restrictions eased, I read an article in the Community Voice about Coalville Belvoir Rotary Club and it aroused my curiosity to get up from my couch and become active. I telephoned Don Bailey, the president, arranged an informal meeting to learn more about Rotary and was encouraged to sit in on their meetings which I did and I became a member in November ‘21. The aims of our club are to raise funds for our chosen charities, help other charities with their projects, helping in our local community wherever possible (which has included assisting with aid for Ukraine), book collections which were delivered to local schools and providing help on manual projects. Since joining I have not looked back; the club members are new friends and although small, we hope we will grow in the future. I have totally enjoyed the fund raising, meeting people from other projects and the bonus is having a social life which we encourage.

April 2022

David Moulton

Hi, Dave here. I joined Rotary almost a year ago now. When I mentioned it to my work colleagues, they asked about funny handshakes etc. I can assure you it’s nothing like that at all. When I started, it was Santa season, so I got involved with getting the sleigh ready. We did static collections around local shops, and I got such a buzz seeing the children’s faces when they saw Santa. 

At the start of this year, we had a number of projects to look into, with one being a path at Warren Hills Primary School. We looked into this, and we decided we could do it. We put a plan together with the help of Chris of Home Farm Heritage and we laid the concrete path in July with the help of our rotary members, friends, and family. We had lots of groundwork to do, then lots of barrowing the concrete. It was no mean feat, but we all did it. 

My other passion is vintage tractors. Rotary asked what I would like to do so I asked if I could do a tractor run. It was a yes, so I put a plan together. I had a brain wave - why not have a gathering of tractors, then a road run around Coalville to end up at Ibstock Country Fair. We got sponsors to pay for food for the drivers and, with the help of my wife Karen, we put adverts out to get tractors to attend. We filled Facebook with the details and on 21st August all this happened. It was a brilliant day and we raised money for Air Ambulance and Rotary. Thanks to all involved to make it happen. Now it’s time to start Santa again. We will do static collections and try to do mobile in our community. So, if you think you have a project or would like to get involved helping us, please feel free to contact Coalville Belvoir Rotary Club. We will give you a warm welcome. Cheers Dave.

October 2022


Karen Moulton

Hello. My name is Karen Moulton. I have lived in Ibstock for 37 years with my husband David. We have one daughter and a grandson. I work at Champneys Springs and have done so for 25 years in June. I am a kitchen assistant. Our friend and neighbour had joined Coalville Belvoir Rotary Club and invited me to go along to an open evening. I went along with an open mind, went to another meeting and was so impressed with how it was all run. The members were so friendly and enthusiastic about what they do. It's only a small club. I’ve been a member since early December and soon got involved in the clubs Christmas Santa collections around our local supermarkets. I can honestly say I was so overwhelmed by the community's generosity. I got such an amazing buzz from doing this. And to get to our final total of over £2,200! I was so in awe of our achievements as a club. I really look forward to the next chapter of the year helping our local community in whatever way we can. Our Rotary club members are everyday, kind, caring and devoted people who just want to do the best they can for our community. Please just pop along to a meeting to see if you could get the same buzz out of Rotary that I have.

March 2022

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