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Coalville Belvoir Rotary Club is growing again….

We're excited to announce that Coalville Belvoir Rotary Club is expanding once again, as we warmly welcome Rachel to the team.

Last night was a special occasion as we gathered at Coalville CAN for an evening of food, laughter, and even some impromptu dancing (but that's a story for another post… 😉).

Rachel's daughter, Beth, wrote a heartfelt tribute to her mum, which was shared by secretary, Sue, who introduced Rachel into our club.

With smiles and applause, Rachel received her badges and handbook from Assistant Governor Malcolm, who extended Rotary's warm embrace to our newest member.

Rachel responded by expressing her eagerness to join in all that Rotary offers and make a meaningful impact within our community.

As Rachel joins us in our meetings, events, and projects, we eagerly anticipate the unique contributions she'll bring to our vibrant club.

With each new member, our club's ability to help the local community, good causes and charities grows stronger.

If you're curious to learn more about our adventures or want to explore how you can join in the excitement, click here to read other posts, or visit this link to learn more about Coalville Belvoir Rotary Club and our upcoming events.

We extend a warm welcome to Rachel as she embarks on her new journey with us.

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