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Local Rotary Clubs support National Rotary KidsOut Day

As in previous years the local Rotary Clubs of Ashby de la Zouch, Ashby Castle, Ashby Hasting and Coalville Belvoir joined forces to support KidsOut. On Wednesday 20th September we took around 50 children from Forest Way School on a trip to Tywcross Zoo, with Rotary covering the cost of the transport and entry fee.

Four classes from Forest Way School came along, with members from each Rotary Club supporting staff from a different class. We headed off in various directions and the children were very excited, despite the heavy rain, to see the many different animals including zebras, rhinos and giraffes. The meerkats huddled under their red-light heater and the giant tortoises in their warm enclosure were particular favourites.

Walking towards the gibbon house, one of the teachers (mentioning no names!) lost her cap when it blew in to the enclosure. We had a brief delay while a friendly zookeeper rescued the cap. Luckily, this gave the class a chance to view the cutest baby gibbon, just three weeks old, swinging around clinging to their mum.

Later we stopped for lunch and the ice creams provided by Rotary were a big hit with the children, and most of the adults too. Seeing the snow leopard prowl around outside the canteen was a highlight for many of the group.

We then headed back out and asked the children which animals they still wanted to see. The flamingos and penguins were a popular choice and we just had time to see all the animals requested by the group before returning to the coaches. The children were very well behaved, and all involved had a very enjoyable day.

The first National Rotary KidsOut Day took place in 1990 and since then it has turned into the biggest single outing for disadvantaged children in the UK. With more than 18,000 children participating in 2023, the National Day Out is run in conjunction with Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland with more than 10,000 Rotarians volunteering their help at over 100 venues. Whether they live with critical health issues, in refuge or with a disability, children across the country are taken on a fun day out to the zoo, a theme park or even the seaside, often for the first time in their lives.

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